Samia Duarte


Born: 1987-06-21
Birthplace: Cadiz, Spain
Height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)


It’s important to remember that all the craze over Latina honeys from Mexico, the Caribbean and South America has an origin. That initial explosion came from Spain, and there’s no better Spanish princess to remind us of that than Samia Duarte. She’s got that Latina feistiness in her, mixed with the old-world class of Europe. Samia is a gorgeous goddess and dripping with sex all the way down her tall, skinny body. At 5’9”, she’s no shorty, and every inch of her body is supercharged with horny receptors. Her tits are medium-sized wonders, and she’s got an ass that really throws some major curves in your face. Samia loves shoving things up that ass, so she has a collection of toys and dildos to sit on whenever she’s bored of waiting to get fucked for real. She’s a killer cocksucker and knows how to be a gracious oral host to two dicks at a time, without ever making one feel more neglected than the other. Samia started shooting porn when she was 23 years old. Not being the youngest chick on the block, she worked extra hard at her oral, vaginal, and anal abilities to rise to the top, and her efforts have paid off. Samia reminds all young Latina hoes from this side of the Atlantic of the importance of learning your history, especially when it comes to getting an A+ grade in dick milking.

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